Exhibiton Exhibiton

Stone post of Tsushima Island

Location of open-air dokdo exhition space.
At a crossroads of mineral spring in yaksupark in dodong and museum

This stone post is four layers stone work(height: 420㎝) constructed to celebrate the fifth year of opening museum. This stone post has historical records that although Tsushima Island was originally Korean territory, this island became Japanese land while the island had not been cared. On its natural stone, Chinese characters, '對馬島本是我國之地' transcribed from Annals of King Sejong(Jeongjoksan version) and Korean characters, '대마도는 본시 우리나라 땅’ selected from Weorin cheon-gang-ji-gok(Songs of the Moon’s Reflection on a Thousand River) were carved. On the four sides of black stone, these were carved - Japanese old map, specific historical records transcribed from Samguk sagi, Cheonggu-do, Annals of King Sejong etc. The purpose of construction of this stone post is to overcome distorted Japanese colonial historical perspective and evoke territory consciousness of national people by exploring true nature of Korean history while arousing attention about Dokdo issue and making fabrication of Japanese assertion for sovereignty over Dokdo known by figuring out Japanese history of invasion continued so long.